It was in the Belpada (Kharghar) region of Panvel – the land which abounds in natural beauty and abundant farm produce that I was born, on 15th February in a well to do farmer family.Truly enough, Belpada is the last point of the Raigad Zilla. The well planned town of Kharghar begins from herei.e. the Belpada village Sector 3, Belpada – Kharghar. Today Belpada, Kharghar region flaunts the modern Kharghar Railway Station, a huge sky walk, the proposed Metro Rail, Science Park, Bharati Medical College as also Yerla Medical Ayurvedic College, A.C.Patil Engineering College, Bharati Vidyapeeth Engineering College, I.T.M Management College, Fashion Technology College, National Instrument of Software Technology, Post Graduation College, CIDCO Divisional Office and many such State and National Level Educational Institutes. Several projects have been built or are in the building process.
Earlier, it was in this Belpada region that the lush green agricultural lands bloomed and flourished. It was on these green lands that I spent the whole of my childhood. My house was away from the village, on the bunds of the farms.It was in this environment that I had the privilege to educate myself.In those days there was no arrangement of water and electricity but this deficiency was never experienced in the arms of the Green Goddess – the Nature.
My family was blessed with cultural and holy environs. My grandfather, late Shri Laxman Mungaji was a renowned Pakhwaj Player. So I had the pleasure of learning Pakhwaj from him right since the tender age of four years. Later after my 10th, I had the pleasure of learning the scientific aspects of Pakhwaj under the guidance of the great Pakhwaj Artist – Raigad Bhushan Shri Rajaram Buva Sardekar and thus contributed to carry on with the family trend of Bhajan. Being interested in education since beginning, I always passed with first number right from standard one. I received my prior education in Belpada Zilla Parishad School upto 4th standard. I had to walk 3 km to get education upto 6th standard and further 3 km each day to CBD Belapur PES School upto 10th Standard. While in 12th, I took admission in Bharati Vidyapeeth Engineering College for 1st year - Diploma in Industrial Electronics , further completed a Degree in Instrumentation Engineering.
During my college days I participated in all the programs without fail. I have participated in the musical and instrumental shows, fashion shows, inter college competitions and even cricket tournaments. Many of my articles and poetic compositions were published in the college magazines. The Patriotic song - ‘ Operation Vijay’, written on the background of Kargil war was displayed on the display board with the permission of our Principal and was appreciated by all. During this period I got an opportunity to write a column as ‘College Yuva(youth) Reporter’ in the Dainik Sakal Press. When I was in the last year of Engineering, I wrote an article on an interesting and important topic ‘Kharghar sampoorna Daroo Bandi’ – (i.e. a total stop on Alcohol Consumption in Kharghar) Thus through the Dainik Sakal newspaper I could give voice to several important public issues. Journalism in Dainik Sakal led to improved public contacts, eventually increasing public reponse to my articles, thus boosting my confidence in the process.
Meanwhile in this journey as a journalist I was introduced to MLA Vivek Patil Saheb in 2008, during his Vidhan Sabha Election Campaign. He appreciated my article that I had written on his campaign.
In those days I had a great interest in listening to classical music and had to often go to Mumbai to attend such programs. So to arrange for such quality programs in Kharghar region, I along with local people interested in music and experts like Taalmani Pratapraj Patil and organizer of musical events – Vinod Todekar, established the Utsav Kala Kendra, Kharghar(Reg.). This was the first such institution. Through this institution, arrangements were made to provide quality classical music and bhakti sangeet programs to the people. It also served two more purposes – it provided a platform to the strugglers and newcomers and also made available an opportunity to honour the senior artists.
Thus as you can see, during my journey through various fields of music, education, sports and journalism, I was never associated with politics. But my elder brother – harishchandra Rajaram Gharat was an active member of the Shetkari Kaamgaar Paksha.Some political discussions fell on my ears though I never participated in thesediscussions.
Inspite of this, our Ex – Sarpanch Vishnu Patil Saheb, Dharma Todekar and some other members of the village recommended my name (as an educated candidate) for the Panchayat Samiti, Panvel. Though I did not participate in these elections, slowly and steadily I could sense the political aura around me. These environs were new to me. I started studying - Who were the office bearers of the party/ Where is the party office? What are the duties of a party volunteer? Under the leadership of MLA Shri Vivek Patil, President of the Raigad Zilla Parishad Balaram Patil Saheb, Chairman of the Panchayat Samiti – Panvel Shri Kashinath Patil a big meeting was held for appointing new officials for the Kharghar region. In this meeting I was elected as the Vice Chairman while Shri Vijay Patil was chosen as the Chairman and Shri Vishnu Patil became the secretary of the Kharghar region.
Thus began my political journey, with determination in my heart to make the best use of being an educated and responsible citizen for the benefit of the downtrodden and successfully shoulder the responsibility entrusted to me by the party. Having an experience in the field of journalism and my affinity to write articles helped me to bring into limelight several public issues in the CIDCO Node. I began a literary battle through my letters to the CIDCO Office. Our organized efforts helped us to initiate several projects. Amidst this bellows for 2008 Gram Panchayat, Kharghar Elections blew. A political scenario was observed all around. Alliances and coalitions were rampant. Several fresh, experienced, ambitious – all sorts of candidates were in and amongst them all I obtained candidature on the insistence of all the members of Shetkari Kaamgaar Paksha. I won these elections by a vast margin in the number of votes over my nearest contestant. Our party won the maximum seats in these elections .The Shetkari Kaamgaar Paksha flag was unflurred over the Gram Panchayat. Also on behalf of Shetkari Kaamgaar Paksha, Mrs. Manjula Santosh Tamboli bagged the post reserved for Women Candidate as Sarpanch and Vishnu Patil became the Deputy Sarpanch without any opposition.
Further ahead after becoming a member of the Gram Panchayat, Kharghar- I got the opportunity to work under the guidance of MLA Shri Vivek Patil Saheb and Shri Balaram Patil Saheb to instill many public welfare programs . This time being a part of the working committee, the responsibility had increased many fold.
In 2010 Gram Panchayat Elections, I was elected as the Deputy Sarpanch and the post reserved for Women Candidate as the Sarpanch was won by Mrs. Manjula Namdev Mhatre. Bearing an office in the a big Gram Panchayat like Khargarh was a challenging job. Being on the post of Deputy Sarpanch helped me to take policy decisions like provision for CC TV Cameras for the safety of Kharghar, provision for emergency services like Ambulance Services etc. At the same time, providing underground drainage systems – on the lines of CIDCO in important villages like Kharghar, Kopare, Belpada was one among the many important progressive works under taken. During this period many other reform works like building two storeyed toilets, Samaj Mandir to organize various cultural programs, provision of cement roads with paver blocks over them. Reconstruction of the cemetery near the villege and providing the people of the village and city a proper cemetery, reconstruction of old schools and to build modern class rooms equipped with necessary items like Computers, Educational CDs, proper sound systems,free uniforms to students and many other such items were provided by us through the Gram Panchayat, Kharghar.
Providing free and sturdy concrete houses to the people from Adivasi villages, digging borewell, making arrangement for drinking water, providing electrical goods like fans, tubes etc. were undertaken free of cost. Other works undertaken by the Gram Panchayat included providing equipments and devices for fitness Centers (Vyamshalas) for the youth, preparing playgrounds, provision of books to authorized libraries, undertaking various programs for female welfare, helping the authorized Mahila Bacchat groups, providing healthy and quality food to the malnourished children etc. Creating awareness among the people against female infanticide, providing financial assistance to the couples bearing a girl child – in short being aware of the provisions under female and child welfare were also some of the jobs undertaken by the Gram Panchyat.
Like villages, fixing paver blocks in various societies on request by the residents, concrete roads, bore wells, arrangements to provide cloth bags following the ban on plastic bags, provision for plenty of drinking water, preventing the nuisance of mosquitoes and spraying medicines to prevent various contagious diseases arising from it. Other notable challenging job was organizing efficient disposal of solid wastes and maintaining cleanliness in the adivasi villages and providing many such basic necessary facilities were undertaken too.
We have always shown eagerness and have actively worked for the betterment of the society, making necessary policy decisions. It was because of devoting enough time for every job, a positive approach and realisation of our responsibility towards the society, that we could serve the people of Kharghar through our Gram Panchayat and bring about several progressive works.

I am glad that through these efforts we could create a good image in the minds of the people.